People and Their Dogs


Posted on 25th August 2011 by toothrough in Random Thoughts

Ok, I get it, some people treat their animals like children. Not everyone loves actual children, nor does everyone want to have them. That’s fine, but let me just take a moment to say, that I do NOT love animals. I’m not a huge fan of any kind of animal, but I am ESPECIALLY not a fan of what dogs seem to do on my lawn.

I just watched my neighbor’s dog pop a squat on our lawn and take a big old dump. After he was done, he proceeded to use his hind legs to kick up some of my grass. My first question is always WHY can’t your dog crap on your own lawn? You don’t see me collecting my kids urine and feces and then coming up to your lawn and dumping them on there do you? And while my neighbor did clean up her dogs’ mess, I’m sure there are traces of his fecal matter still on my lawn. My lawn is in bad enough shape without adding your dog’s crap (literally!) to it. And the last time someone’s dog peed on our lawn we were left with a new brown spot. Thanks a lot!

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