Internal Dialogue


Posted on 23rd June 2011 by toothrough in Random Thoughts

I spend a sizable portion of my day with the running dialogue in my head. Why you ask? Well because I have a tendency to say what’s on my mind and everyone doesn’t like that. So I say it in my head and then I negotiate and decide what indeed should come out of my mouth. Alas, some days the old brain doesn’t seem to want to cooperate and people get to hear more than they bargained for.

For instance, when someone else’s nasty, snot-nosed, germy kid invades my child’s space I have to work really, really hard to not swat that little kid away. Instead I give him/her a very nasty look and if that doesn’t work, I say to my own child (who usually isn’t loving snot-nose either) that some kids don’t know how to behave in public. I say it loud enough so if that brats parent is around they can hear it. Wrong? Perhaps. Saving me from slapping their kid, definitely!

Sometimes the inner dialogue is all about taunting me. Today’s major internal conversation is surrounding the cinnamon rolls I made the other day. I had a delightful, healthy chicken salad sandwich for lunch and a glass of apple juice. Then I had a cinnamon roll (with extra icing). Great. But I really want to have another cinnamon roll now. I don’t need it and I know I don’t need it – as does my waist – so I’m trying really hard not to have one. The problem is, the debate raging in my head is beginning to sound like noise that could all be drowned out if I only went ahead and had another yummy roll. See, today the internal dialogue is doing me NO favors. :) I’m going to try and be strong though…

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