Waiting… for Superman


Posted on 6th June 2011 by toothrough in Random Thoughts

I love my kids, but sometimes I get so complacent and lackadaisical that it takes a documentary like “Waiting for Superman” to awaken me. This moving, very eye-opening movie talks about the current state of the U.S education system. Long story short, it sucks. Not only does it suck, but it’s getting worse everyday and our children are stuck holding the bag.

This documentary made me remember that although we are not in an impoverished area, we still have to fight for our kids well being. The lack of accountability in the school system is staggering. We meet several young children with varying circumstances throughout this documentary. By the end I wish I had a million dollars so that I could pay for all of their educational needs through college. That and the fact that except by the grace of God we are not in their place were enough to emotionally exhaust me.

My kids are precious and wonderful and a delight. They drive me crazy but I will fight to the death for them and anything they need.

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