Our First Garden – Day 5


Posted on 24th May 2011 by toothrough in Random Thoughts

So each day the kids and I would do the loop around the house to try and see if anything was growing. For the first few days we had nothing. Then I started to wonder if we would have anything to show for all of our hard work at all – patience is not necessarily my best skill. We planted on Sunday, May 15th so fora few days we just kept looking. Then a funny thing happened on the 5th day, May 20th. WE GOT LITTLE FLOWER BUDS!!!! I was so excited that I yelled for the kids to come look. Here’s what we saw:


Sunflower Buds


Zinnia Buds


Flower Buds

It was hard to keep the flowers straight but we think we had the proper things labeled in the proper places.

Even MORE exciting later that same day we went out back and saw these:


Beet Bud - reddish dot in middle of box


Bean Bud - middle left of box


Pea Buds - best grower yet!


Broccoli Buds - middle of box


Corn Bud - middle of box

We were beyond excited. The kids were jumping up and down and loving it. Now if only our tomatoes, cherries, and two types of carrots would start little buds we’d be full fledged gardeners!

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